Weddings in Mauritius


Required documents

The required documents (certified copies) are:

  • Form requesting a civil marriage in Mauritius (available on request), mentioning actual profession and address of both clients;
  • International birth certificate of both clients;
  • The first three pages of their respective passports;
  •  If one or both clients are divorced or widowed, a photocopy of the relevant document attesting the divorce or death of the spouse;
  • If the spouse is previously divorced or widowed, the full names of the previous spouse and where applicable the maiden surname will be required;
  • In the case of a change of name, the relevant documents must be produced. 


Local formalities


On the D-Day, our driver accompanies the wedding couple for their formalities, done one working day before the wedding day which consist of:

  • Submitting original required documents at the Civil Status Office of Port-Louis;
  • Swearing an affidavit at the Supreme Court;
  • Going to the Civil Status Office of the hotel’s locality for the publication of the bans.

The day after the wedding, our hotel representative will collect the wedding certificate at the Local Civil Status and hand it over to the couple.

For other nationalities, we collect the wedding certificate at the Local Civil Status office and drop it at the Prime Minister’s Office for Apostil (compulsory procedure so as the wedding is recognized in the residing country of the couple). The wedding certificate will either be handed over to the clients or sent by registered post if they have already left Mauritius.


Special Conditions

- Divorcees or Widows

A divorcee or widow cannot remarry less than 300 days following the death of her husband or after the divorce has been declared; unless she undergoes a blood test in Mauritius to prove that she is not pregnant at the time of the wedding.

If the pregnancy test revealed to be positive on presentation of the medical certificate, the marriage will not be allowed to take place.

- Translator

A translator is must be booked if neither spouse is fluent in English or French. This applies for civil formalities at Port Louis and on the wedding day.

- Foreign Nationals
English Nationals
There are no additional formalities other than the local civil formalities for the British (except in the case where the future bride is a divorcee or widow).

For other nationalities, we will enquire with the respective Embassy (at time of request) and assist the guests for the formalities.